Lab 6: Git Staging and Commiting

In this tutorial I will show you how to stage and commit changes. In the HelloWorld project we have three files ie hello.txt, another_hello.txt, more_hello.txt, all of which have been changed. The changes in hello.txt and another_hello.txt are logically related while changes in more_hello.txt are related to some other work flow. So hello.txt and another_hello.txt files will go as a single commit. Here’s how it can be done.

git add hello.txt
git add another_hello.txt
git commit -m "Changes for hello.txt and another_hello.txt"
git add more_hello.txt
git commit -m "Unrelated change to more_hello.txt"

By separating staging and committing, you have the ability to easily fine tune what goes into each commit. Here’s a screenshot of all commands being executed with their output.

Git Staging and Commiting

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