Installing Arcanist on Windows

Arcanist runs on Windows, either in cmd.exe or the Git Bash environments. However, it will take a little effort to get working.

  1. Install PHP. for standalone, or look below for Cygwin.
  2. Install PHP on cygwin. Other than the interpreter need to install php-curl, json extentions. (Also installed a few other extentions just to be sure).
  3. Install arcanist – get codebase.
  4. Installing Arcanist on Windows.
  5. git clone
  6. git clone
  7. Add arcanist/bin to PATH
  8. arc set-config default “<phab-install-location-on-your-server>“. For eg.
  9. (needs user interaction) arc install-certificate

Arcanist User Guide on Phabricator:
Differential user guide

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